Thoughts from ‘The Daily Stoic’

I’ve recently started reading The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday and have decided over the next two weeks to share my thoughts on some of the daily meditations that are poignant to me.

The book is formatted in a way so that each day of the year has a different message for you to digest and hopefully integrate in to your own life on a daily basis.

I’ve found the above quote and expansion by the author quite relevant to my current situation. In so much that it could possibly help get my diet back on track and keep my routine going regards my exercise regimen.

At the time of writing this, we as a family are undergoing a pretty invasive and disruptive house extension. It’s fair to say that our normal routine has been knocked for six somewhat, something that I’d struggle with at the best of times.

These circumstances have had many knock on effects, including my diet. The temptation to avoid preparing healthy food in favour of convenience is high and at some points almost unavoidable.

However, it’s still important for me to attempt to stay on track. I know myself and I know how my diet can affect my mood and wellbeing. I’m also very aware of the cyclic effect poor diet can have on my motivation and ability to exercise which can lead to further negative effects…

Basically the message to myself in light of the above excerpt and circumstances is;

Give myself some slack given what’s going on, but maintain awareness of what I’m eating. Be conscious to eat as healthy as possible and do not slip in to mindless eating of unhealthy, quick fix sugary snacks as the pay off is not worth the time saved or quick hit in the long run!