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‘What I Talk About When I Talk About Running’ – Haruki Murakami

‘What I Talk About When I Talk About Running’ – Haruki Murakami

I’ve read a few books about people who have undertaken athletic feats in various disciplines but this one stands out from the rest in many ways

First of all, it’s a relatively short book, only 170 or so pages. It’s also written in a low key, subtle style. All too often, books relating to endurance sports are filled with “lung busting, leg burning” anecdotes. This is fine and to be expected, but it was good to read this very personal journey of one man’s relationship to running and what it means to him in his life.

So many of the accounts in this book are relatable with regards to the physical aspects as well as mental aspects as to why people run and what it means to have running as a constant (almost necessary) theme in your life.

This book flows so easily and is a joy to read. It’s also sparked a need to exorcise some old demons when it comes to marathon running, I’ve got some unfinished business there I think!

Definitely worth picking up if you’re a runner, a Murikami fan or both

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Trading the Treadmill for the Trees

Bit of an off the cuff post about a workout I did earlier today…

I always had it in my head to finish the session with a run on the treadmill for 20 mins or so, nothing too specific.

On this rare occasion though, time was on my side and I thought, why not get a 5k in outside at the end of the workout instead!? Not being a massive fan of treadmills in general, plus the fact the weather was pretty great, it was a no brainer.

At the end of it, I got my outdoor running hit in abundance. Something that treadmill running just can’t provide. There’s definitely no competition between the two for me, as most will surely agree. Whether it’s a sensory thing, the uneven ground working your muscles in a different way, the outside air or the fact it’s not boring as hell, outdoor running just can’t be beaten.

So, next time you’re finishing a gym session with a bit of cardio, try going outside to change things up a bit and take in the outside air instead counting the numbers on the screen.