A little insight for those of you who like to be ‘on the go’ and for those of who like to try and foster good habits and routines. There’s something about this time of year that gives allowances to cut some slack for the likes of us and allows our foot to be taken off the gas a little. This sounds great in theory but it can still have it’s challenges.

There’s also something about this time of year, whereby a lot is built up preceding it and a lot of things are put off until after it.

Standards, whether they be eating, drinking, exercise, spending etc… all seem to slacken off in favour of the saying, “it’s Christmas!”

As enjoyable as this time of year is, it’s important to have something to go back to in terms of normality and structure once the holiday season has passed… it is for me anyway!

There is a risk of ending up in a bit of an over Indulgent limbo state that can be difficult and laborious to climb out of if not careful. Especially during that time period between Christmas and New Year when there’s a bit of a wind down and natural lull anyway.

A lot of things are put off until after Christmas, then all of sudden, the festivities are over, your diet isn’t great and you’ve probably drank and spent more than you normally would. To put the icing on the cake, you’ve also gifted yourself a bit of a hefty to do list as well!

Things will and do get back to normal, life is cyclical and this dance is played out year in, year out by many people the world over.

The most important thing for me is that I have a plan, a method, a way of thinking that gets me back in to the groove of normality that allows me to enjoy and appreciate these kind of moments again in the future.

New Year is a time for R and R for me, as in Refreshed Resilience!

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