Those ‘connection’ moments

The village of Edensor

Why is it that you just seem to connect with certain places more than others?

Quite often for me, there will be moments within a hike that stand out. These connections just seem to happen and they can’t be forced or pre-empted.

What do I mean when I talk about ‘connections’ in this context?

It’s that moment when you’re stopped in your tracks by a view or an inexplicable feeling about a place.

When these ‘connections’ happen, a piece of that place stays with you long after you’ve been and gone. Whether it be a snapshot of a stunning view or positive thoughts and feelings that find a home in your mind.

Sometimes these connections can happen when you pass through somewhere and thoughts of “we need to go there!” can raise up. This definitely happened recently as we were driving home from South Wales, taking in the scenery at the border of Shropshire all around us.

From memory there are a few places we’ve visited that have had this effect. One in particular that stands out to me was when we visited Bakewell last August.

Distance wise, this was an absolute monster of a walk for my wife and I with our 2 and 5 year old boys with us!

I can’t recall the exact route but I remember we passed through a well manicured golf course, forest trails, villages, up and down hills and even caught a glimpse of Chatsworth House.

A view of Chatsworth House

The ‘connection’ moment on this walk came when one of the forest trails cleared and opened up to a vast expanse of green hills as far as the eye could see. (Pictured below)

The clearing from the forest trail

Again, it’s difficult to pin point why this part of the walk has stuck with me.

Preceding it, we did have a bit of a ‘moment’ as to whether or not we were on the right path, coupled with a bit of time pressure to get back to the car*.

A few minutes prior to the landscape opening up before us, we had worked out our bearings and with it came a sense of relief. This coupled with the beauty of the view and being able to properly appreciate it no doubt had a compounding effect.

Whatever it was, nearly a year has passed and I still hold this walk and moment in high regard. Sadly none of us can comment on the quality of an authentic Bakewell tart as all of the shops had closed by the time we’d finished! This miscalculation on our part gives us the perfect reason to return.

• The car park had a cut off point after a certain time and was well and truly locked up thereafter!


  1. Hi, Carl Wright here from Twitter. Just thought I would come on over and visit your blog. I have had those hikes that have left an incredible connection. With our 4 distinct seasons here in Canada, it is really cool to come back in the same location with the different seasons. Thanks for sharing. Hope you will be able to get one of those Bakewell tarts the next time! 🙂


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