MWNT was Mint!

Saturday 25th July 2021

Following on from the tip from the well spoken holiday maker the day before at Cilgerran, we decided to take an impromptu trip to Mwnt beach as we were only a few miles away at the time.

The short drive to be beach included the now all too familiar narrow, single track roads with sporadic passing places. I especially remember narrowly squeezing past a big white VW van with breath held and wing mirrors tucked in! This tricky maneuver was all done in the incredibly polite fashion that seems to be the case for most drivers round here, something we’re not used to it!

Arriving at the car park, the scenery was instantly stunning all around. From the surrounding hills through to the deep cliff edge drop in to the bay and out to the sea. Said cliff edge drops that did indeed turn out not to be the stairway down to the bay like I first thought. Being stubborn, I had to check for myself of course, slowly walking towards it, peering over the edge and getting my daily dose of vertigo for the day.

The stone stairway down to the beach was like something out of Enid Blyton book, winding down to a real hidden gem of a bay.

The beach was perfect, it even had its own labelled jellyfish in the sand (sign posters for Cilgerran Castle take note!). Instantly noticeable were the extraordinary eroded cliff edge rocks that flanked either side of the bay. I quickly gave up trying to figure out how the flowing, waving, horizontal lines were created in the rock face and just admired the view.

A personal highlight for me was the purchase of a cheap tennis racquet set. Drawing our court lines out in the sand, my five year old lad and I played out our own Wimbledon final, low on quality but still high on epic tantrums!

This was definitely one of the best, kid friendly beaches we’ve ever been too. Just the right size to keep an eye on them, yet big enough for them to go off and explore. We were too late for the dolphins but we saw them on a postcard at the beach café so that still kind of counts in our book.

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